ZTE Recruitment Posting for Foreign Students in China

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No Limitation of Countries

Account Manager

Key Responsibilities:

1. Sells the Company’s products, expands marketing channels, and collects market and industry information.

2. Takes the lead in formulating product sale strategies, and organizes and promotes the attainment of product market goals.

3. Organizes activities such as technology report-back meetings, workshops, and exhibitions, and invites customers to visit the Company and its model sites.

4. Builds, maintains, and coordinates customer relations, and participates in tendering for industrial products.

5. Understands customer needs, provides diversified company products and solutions for customers, and makes breakthroughs in the corresponding markets and operators.

Job Requirements:

1. Has a bachelor’s degree or above in communications, computer science, or related majors.

2. Has a strong sense of responsibility, good service awareness and team spirit, and great communication ability.

3. Coordinates well and works conscientiously.

4. Has good English listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills, and able to communicate technologies to customers.

Market Manager

Key Responsibilities:

1. Formulates plans for target customer markets, identifies the decision-making chain of target customers in terms of technologies, and maintains public relations with the corresponding customers.

2. Improves basic operator information database and properly supports market planning and opportunity management.

3. Analyzes the current status of markets and supports ZTE's market operation.

4. Organizes in-depth analysis and scans for leads for customer networks, determines market guidance strategies, and proposes network development suggestions.

5. Explores and cultivates business opportunities based on the business opportunity targets, and attains annual effective-reserve-related goals for relevant operators.

6. Participates in large-scale marketing operations such as workshops, and standardizes routines exchange activities such as routine technical exchanges.

Job Requirements:

1. Has strong communication capability to communicate with customers, team members, and supporting staff.

2. Has good organization capability and able to organize project bidding well.

3. Has a strong sense of responsibility and able to resist pressure. 

4. Makes well-designed slides, and produces technical slides suitable for publicity based on customer needs.

5. Has good English listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills, and able to communicate technologies to customers.

Technical Support Engineer

Key Responsibilities:

1. Conducts equipment provisioning, operation maintenance, preliminary equipment tests, and final equipment tests.

2. Tracks and reports equipment issues, handles tricky issues, and collects and sorts out technical information.

3. Delivers technical trainings to employees and users, works with pre-sales staff to coordinate users, and provides necessary technical support.

4. Coordinates with pre-sales technical support staff to conduct work and technical review.

5. Conducts technical exchanges with operators over the core network, clarifies issues, replies to issues, and increases customer satisfaction.

Job Requirements:

1. Has a bachelor’s degree or above in communications, computer science, or related majors.

2. Has strong learning capability, communication and expression capability, and a strong sense of teamwork.

3. Has a strong sense of commitment including an ability to endure adversities, and be willing to accept given tasks.

4. Possesses a certain degree of English listening, speaking, reading, and writing capability.

Career Development in ZTE

Attaching great importance to career development, ZTE provides abundant career development opportunities for employees. ZTE has 168 position series and provides over 3,000 posts worldwide. The Company designs career development channels for employees, namely management, technology, business, and project management channels. A ZTE employee can select one channel in accordance with his or her personal needs and capability to achieve vertical professional growth and to become an expert in a particular area. A ZTE employee can also seek horizontal career growth through post adjustment, internal transfer, and job rotation.

Meanwhile, ZTE adopts the “9*3” point accumulation promotion mechanism. Each year, there are two opportunities of promotion. A ZTE employee can accumulate points through performance contribution, project contribution, and key event contribution. When the employee has accumulated a certain number of points, he or she can win promotion, which results in salary raise. Moreover, ZTE assigns new employees mentors to help the newcomers get familiar with the workplace, improve personal capability more rapidly, and seek better career development at ZTE.

Candidates We Are Looking For

If you are a foreign student in China, and graduate between 1st January,2018 and 31st December,2018, Please send your CV to us.

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